ADW, standing it's founder's name, Adriana Williams

Adriana Williams, born and raised Philadelphia, PA took the untraditional route for fashion and design. She began teaching herself how to sew during her freshman year at Howard University, after she was gifted a sewing machine for Christmas. Immediately, a concept of ADW was then created. During her college career, she held pop up shops, participated in fashion shows and more. Adriana went on to obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management, while having only taken two fashion related courses at Howard University. She continued relentlessly teaching herself how to sew and design. 

Adriana moved back to her hometown, Philadelphia after college where she took one-off courses for sewing and design and worked retail. In 2021, Adriana launched Sew with W. Sew with W, a subsidiary of ADW offers her local community sewing lessons and small business sewing services. Soon after, ADW, the brand was revamped in 2023. 

Today, ADW is in fact a clothing and accessories brand for women and men, but there is far more to it. The majority of all goods are made in-house in Kensington, Philadelphia. ADW embodies uniqueness, craftsmanship, transparency, social responsibility and community.